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Do you find French culture fancy and elegant?

Have you always wanted to learn French but found your teachers boring? Do you want to infuse your expression with more romance, colour and joie de vivre?
My French class is what you need!

Tutoring and classes are 100% online.

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About your teacher

"I was born in France and I’m a dynamic traveler of the world.

I am an experienced teacher and I have been sharing my love for the French culture since 2016. I accept any client who has a passion for learning French. I have taught clients of all ages, from children to adults, from beginners to advanced.

I have been teaching AP French students with a 100% success rate. I also prepare students for TEF and DELF. You will get excellent grades thanks to your hard work and my active coaching. I became a DELF examiner in June 2021 so I know exactly what you need to study and how you should practice to succeed.


Océane De Decker

If you’re looking to prep for an official French exam or you simply want to polish your French for leisure, you are definitely in good hands with me. Learning French is like going on a diet: you can do it alone but it will be way easier if I'm with you every step of the way. You will learn French, not as books describe, but the way we really speak it, with slang and a lot of expressions!

On top of teaching French, I also give Spanish classes and English classes.

I love teaching in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to help you feel comfortable in your learning process. Besides teaching languages, I also do translation French to English and English to French.

My background in Marketing also keeps me busy with content writing, web design and community management. I thrive for diversity and excellence, and I’m honored to share my knowledge and my rich life experience with my clients.

I’ve been living on the West Coast since 2016 and traveled across the States and Canada so many times that I lost track. This gives me a good understanding of the North American culture and education system and I’m really proud to contribute to this beautiful part of the world."

Discover the French culture

Different programs of French Tutoring


I share with you my love for the French language. I offer individual or small group tutoring.

The group needs to be kept small in order to maximize the learning process.


Do you want to hire a French teacher for your company ?

Please contact me: contact@havefunlearningfrench.com


With the beauty of technology, now you can stay in touch with me and have fun learning French from your living-room!

Skype or Zoom are my favourite tools but if you would like to use another media this is not a problem.


1 Student 1 Hour 1.5 Hour
Single class $60 $90
5 classes $275 $399
10 classes $499 $699

2 Students
(Price per student)
1 Hour 1.5 Hour
Single class $40 $60
5 classes $190 $269
10 classes $349 $499

3 to 7 Students
(Price per student)
2 Hours
10 classes
(total 20 hours)



French games and discussions about French culture and habits.

ONE RULE: SPEAK FRENCH and FRENCH ONLY for the entire time.

Are you a beginner?
That’s fine, I'm here to help you! By the end of the workshop you should be able to introduce yourself and to master some basics of the French vocabulary and grammar.

Are you advanced?
Perfect! You will learn French slang (argot) and expressions and at the end of the class you will speak as an authentic French person.

Are you focused on a specific field of expression?
No problem!

Contact me by e-mail to hear about the next workshops and share with me what you would enjoy to work on.

If too many demands, another workshop will be organized soon. Are you a company? Would you like to create a French event for your employees? That’s great! Please do contact me to organize your next awesome event 🙂

This workshop is designed to be fun and interactive so if you have any suggestions for activities, I would love to hear from you.

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